- What are you doing here?

- Oh, I know. You're one of those bored millionaires.

- You have no idea how unfair you are...

- May I join you?

- Sure.

- So, what have you been up to in Berkeley?

- Well, I just watched a John Cusack movie, and since you're John Cusack, I take it I am dreaming.

- Dreaming or day dreaming?

"Day dreaming."

- Wow, what happens now? Are we gonna have animal sex on the counter?

- Oh, no, I wouldn't want to have casual sex with you, I would wanna MARRY you. You're handsome, and talented, and American...

- American?

- Yeah, you know, green card, residency visa, stuff like that (wink!) 

- Hey sis, do you have any change for me today?

- Sure. Cold, no? I thought the California summer was supposed to be hot!

- Where are you from?

- Brazil.

- San Pablo!

- Yeah, São Paulo. Here!

Beautiful city, San Pablo!

- Wait a minute! Did you interrupt a fantasy with ME to shoot the shit with a homeless guy?

- (Thought bubble:) Beautiful city...

"It's because I walked by a different homeless guy today..."

- Any change?

- I don't have anything

- Thank you

"Later when I was buying the ticket for the movie he was there and saw I had plenty of change. I felt awful, he had been so polite..."

- So you redeemed yourself by giving money to this other guy. Here comes another one...

- I know. I'm getting tired of all these homeless dudes.

- It reminds you too much of São Paulo, doesn't it?

"Oh yeah, beautiful city my ass! He doesn't know what he's talking about"

- But, say, you'd look cute in a comic...

- Ok, so this is when you have the idea of turning this into a comic

- A mini comic! But I will never be able to draw you as cute as you are in the movie...

- Don't worry, I'll never see it...

- I thought we were getting married!

- Oh, that.

"I don't know how to draw handsome men, it's the worse with boyfriends. I used to draw Cadú all the time and about six months after he passed away I found a drawing I made of his eyes"

"I have very few pictures of him, and I look at them all the time, it's almost like he has become a different person. When I saw the drawing I remembered what his eyes were like, I mean, how I saw his eyes."

- How sweet!

- I know. Well, this is where I'm staying, I need to go in and write this down.


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